Sunday, September 11, 2011

beautiful sunday

Brody and Abigail with Maria! 

Lauren, Brody and Maria!
Nothing like an afternoon of kickball! :)

Precious Brody and I!  He looks just like Ron and although we have not seen much of him since he was born we bonded with him instantly today.  I love him sooo much.

After a long day of playing he fell fast asleep in the swing.  Between us women chit chatting, the humming of the heatpump and the breeze from the water, it was a pefect combination for an afternoon snooze! :)


  1. Oh Rhonda! He is so beautiful!(in a boyish way) and he does look just like Ron! so glad you had a nice visit with him!

  2. WOW!!! That picture made me smile and gave me chills... He is a spitting image of Ron!!! So glad you guys got to spend the day together!!!!