Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cupcakes, Good Friends and Organizing

Friday was Homecoming in Mathews so Robert and Abigail came up to my office and we watched the parade.  Stace, Di and Michael Alexander met us too!  Abigail loved seeing people she knew in the parade especially "her Daniel"~  She also loved all of the candy!!  Look at them cutting those eyes, too funny!

Abigail in my office checking out all of the candy she collected!  She and Robert closed out the work day with me! :)

We had a quick visit with Linds Saturday night!  Abigail loves her! :)

SMILE LADIES!  LOVE THIS PIC, precious Miller is asking what are you crazy women doing? HA:)
Elaine, Abigail, Miller and I had a fun evening being together.  We started out at Southwind Cafe but after a tired baby boy we ended up having pizza at my kitchen table.  I love the stage of life we're in. 

Abigail and I ended our Saturday by making icing for cupcakes we took to church today!  She's such a great little helper! ;)
Taa daa!  And the finished product!  :) 

Today we went to church and then came home and I did some serious organizing.  Robert got all of the bins from the attic filled with Abigail's clothes from birth and I added to some of them and created a new one with clothes from this past summer.  What a wonderful feeling, her fall/winter clothes are out and summer/spring is up until next year.  We had taco salad for dinner and had a pretty relaxing evening.  Robert has off tomorrow for Columbus Day so we're having a day together since Abigail is going to Mimi and Popz' house.  They are taking she and Landon to see Dolphin Tale tomorrow afternoon.  Looking forward to a fun day! ;)

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  1. Too funny! Love the pics... if ONLY it could have been a LONGER visit! Love the Ramsey Family!!! xoxo