Monday, October 24, 2011

Soccer games and fall fair's

We had a great and busy weekend!  Saturday Abigail, Daddy and I went to Landon's soccer game, he did really good!  Saturday afternoon Robert and I took Landon and Abigail to the fall fair at Lee Jackson.  It was fun and such a pretty day for it.  Yesterday we went to church and then I went to a Halloween party last night.  There were some really cute costumes and it was a nice evening spent with some lovely ladies! 

Abigail and Landon at his soccer game.

Landon milking the cow!
Abigail's turn! :)

And we even went for a hayride!  Memories in the making! :)

This is why I keep a blog, years down the road I am going to love looking back and seeing these precious pictures and reading about what our life was like in October of 2011. 

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