Thursday, January 12, 2012

Abigail and Nick

Last Saturday Abigail and I met Mer and Nick at Inflation Nation in Williamsburg for some bounce house fun.  They had a blast together although Nick is all boy and will go down the steepest of slides, Abigail, not so much.  She would follow him up and then come back down the steps, it's ok, she's a little girl.  She loved the princess bounce house, I think that was her favorite.  We went back to Mer & Chris' for a tasty lunch Chris prepared for us and the children played while Mer and I were able to catch up.  We got to see baby Jack too, he is a ball of sunshine, so happy and just precious! 

Right now our focus is turning Abigail's room into a big girl room and transforming the spare bedroom into a nursery.  We have a busy couple of months ahead of us.  

Here are a few (not so happy pictures of Abigail) from last weekend.  I promise she had more fun than these photos depict! :)

Oh, and Abigail started Creative Movement dance class yesterday at Diggs School of Dance.  There was a bit of nostalgia for me as I walked into the studio, it's been at least 20 years since I stepped foot in there.  Abby looked so sweet in her leotard and ballet slippers and taught us some groovy new moves last night.  I will be sure to take pictures next week.

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