Friday, January 6, 2012


We have been calling baby Ramsey, Jack for several weeks now since our first ultra sound revealed it was a boy.  We are not telling the middle name until he is born, although I will give you a hint, it is a family name;).  We realize it was early (13 weeks) but I feel confident in my ultra sound techs prediction.  She said there was one shot that was pretty undeniable.  We will find out for sure on Tuesday the gender.  I have mentally prepared myself (as much as I can) for the words, IT'S A GIRL, but I still think in my heart of hearts it's a boy. 

Baby Ramsey is the size of a cantaloupe now, weighing in at approximately 10.6oz. 

We also received some news that was somewhat disturbing the Wednesday before Christmas.  One of our tests came back as high risk for Downs Syndrome or Spina Bifida.  I was standing in the middle of Macy's finishing up my Christmas shopping as my doctor told me she needed to talk to me and to please find a quiet place.  It was quite a shock.  We will have a more extensive ultra sound on Tuesday to check for markers that will help clarify this screening.  We are at peace with whatever we find, we will love this baby NO MATTER WHAT.  I do ask for prayer for Robert and I as we go through the weekend and especially Tuesday afternoon as we meet with the doctors.  I pray specifically for clarity and peace.

This test is not a diagnosis, it is simply a screening and we will not know for sure that our baby is completely healthy until he/she is born but we will know on Tuesday that either our markers are clear, or they are not.  Even if a couple come back not clear that still does not mean our baby is unhealthy.  There are alot of false positives with this test so I have been holding onto that throughout the past few weeks.  I have also been very realistic and I realize that just because there are alot of false positives that doesn't mean I am not the 1 in 700 that has baby with Down's Syndrome. 

I will certainly update my blog with a report!  Have a great weekend.

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