Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy March 1st!

And let me tell you, it is feeling very springlike here today!  It's beautiful, in the 80's, definitely a windows down and music up kind of day. 

This post is more for me than you, just so I remember today!  :)

We have been busy as usual.  I just started my new duty of children's coordinator at church with another sweet lady Laura.  We are having fun planning our annual Easter Egg hunt which will be held Palm Sunday this year.  We are making it more than a egg hunt, we are taking the children out of Sunday school and having a party complete with crafts and games.  We are also planning some fun refreshments for the children, it should be a memorable day for them. 

I am also making the yearbook for Abigail's pre-school class.  Today was picture day!!  Ofcourse I had only 45 minutes to complete the task since I had to work but I think it all went well.  I had my plan all worked out in my head but ofcourse there were a few glitches.  A teacher was out due to the Norovirus so we couldn't get a group shot and a cute little boy was super shy and did not want his picture taken.  We will try again next week.  Ofcourse Abigail wanted to take pictures too, she would take one of her classmate, very professional like with the camera strap around her neck, etc.  She even said okay, say cheese Eileen.  She is totally a mini me and it makes me laugh. 

I have had so many people tell me lately that I look dark, like I've been tanning.  Abigail's teacher asked me this morning, I feel like I look as pasty as I did in December.  The teller at the bank asked me the same thing but then said I must be glowing, I'll go with that.  I certainly do not have time to tan, much less exposing my unborn child to that, I cannot even imagine.  I must say I cannot wait for summer, I know it's going to be a summer like no other, I will have TWO children.  I am hoping Jack will be as good a baby as Abigail and that we will still get some good beach and pool time in. 

Abigail has a fun weekend ahead as she will be going to two birthday parties.  One for her friend Evie and one for Mckenzie.  We cannot wait to celebrate with them.  And I cannot wait to see my partner in crime, Les who is pregnant and due 3 weeks before me! :) 

I leave you with a few pictures of my most favorite place on earth, the outer banks.  I can just smell the salt air and envision the beauty of the beach.  I doubt I will be doing solo runs down the beach this summer but am certain I will be running and pushing a jogger stroller down beach road. 


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