Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sweet tea

That seems to be my drink of choice these days.  Ice cold tea in a tervis tumbler with two sweet n low.  I love it with my lunch, a nice cold glass in the afternoon makes me smile and then another glass with dinner.  I should probably be drinking more water but something sweet makes me happy.  So, bottoms up!

Yesterday we ran some errands, we picked up some plates, cups and napkins for Abigail's Valentine's party at school next week.  I figured if we didn't go ahead and get them they may be gone by the weekend.  We got them at our first stop! Yipee!
This was us Sunday night watching the Super Bowl.  Robert's trying watching the game while Jack is trying to take his hat off, Abigail is acting as Daisey (Mom's hissing cat) and I'm just smiling and hoping for a good family photo, well this how it turned out.
Here is little miss Abigail Saturday afternoon.  She was trying on the new shirt Mimi bought her, looks adorable, I just love it!

This was Jack yesterday before we left to pick Abigail up from school, he was bundled up like a little bear!

This is was what was for dinner last night.  I had a grilled chicken salad since I'm on Weight Watchers and Robert had some delicious "looking" barbecued ribs that my mom cooked.  We also had grilled asparagus.

My griller's, love them soooo much!


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