Monday, March 11, 2013

A complete funny!

So tonight Robert and I were cleaning up Abigail's bedroom.  Some days she does it and some times we do, tonight was one of those nights where we did it.  When I do ask her to clean it up she does an excellent job.  :)

Santa brought her a Tinkerbell nail set, complete with finger nail polish, stickers for your nails and actual press on nails.  She had that out today and tiny little pink fingernails were scattered about.  As he showed me the hand full of pink nails I started laughing hysterically.  Like tears streaming down my face laughing.  During my high school days I wore fake nails, I was a nail biter so I'm guessing that was the reason.  I played basketball in them, I cheered in them, how in the world did I keep up with it.  I told Robert the story about the first night I wore my "nails" out.  My high school sweetheart came over and my mom was so proud, she said "look at Rhonda's new nails" as I was hiding my hands behind my back.  I quickly brought my hands out and flashed them around.  I eventually stopped biting my nails and stopped wearing fake nails many years ago.  Bless my heart! HA!!



  1. Oh the memories with those nails and gluing them back on in the car before we went out..... Makes me laugh... xoxo

    1. I know, it's so funny to me now. The glue was everywhere, in my car, on my dresser. OH ME!! Those were the days. Can you hardly imagine what lies ahead with these girls of ours. Can't wait! Love you.