Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A little of this and that!

I am writing with much relief right now since I finished the pre-school year book tonight.  I have loved doing it but am so happy that it is DONE!  It turned out really nice and I cannot wait for the children to see it.  Last year I can remember many of the moms telling me their child took it with them everywhere they went for awhile, some slept with it and many wanted to look at it and read it before bedtime.  That made doing it again this year all the worth while.  I hope Abigail loves this years as much as she has enjoyed last years. 

I registered Abigail today for a week of art at the Bay School.  It's not until the end of July but it will give her something to look forward to plus I think she will really enjoy it.  I'm also going to sign her up for swim lessons sometime next week.  I'm thinking of doing 2 sessions this summer.  I really wish we had done that last summer but we ran out of time. 

We also picked up some thank you notes today to send out for Jack's birthday.  We stopped by Morgan and Edwards and visited Mimi for a bit.  We grilled chicken for dinner and enjoyed the evening together as a family. 

Jack is hilarious these days.  My dad stopped by this evening as well and Jack was crawling towards me and then totally did a three sixty and headed back towards daddy.  It was so funny, had us all laughing.  He was so smooth with his maneuver too, definitely the first time he's pulled that trick out the bag.  He is trying to talk every minute of every day, he has such a great personality. 

Yesterday was "water day" at pre-school for Abigail.  So she got to wear her bathing suit under her sundress, she loved it.  She said they even got popsicles for a snack.  She is so excited they get another water day on Friday. 

Here are some pictures from yesterday and today!

He is pulling up like a champ!

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