Monday, August 29, 2011

Mean Irene

Well, she really wasn't as MEAN as we thought she may be.  Hurricane Irene made landfall late Saturday evening.   We woke up Saturday morning to some torrential downpours and fierce winds.  We went to Michael Alexander's birthday party and while we were there the winds really picked up and we lost power.  Mama (or daddy) no one has fessed up yet, locked the keys in the Suburban so Mom, I.T., Necie, mama and daddy piled in the Jeep and we took them home.  Then Robert, Abby and I went home and packed things up and headed back to my parents.  They have a generator so atleast we had fans, lights and GOOD FOOD.  Mama made all sorts of delicious food for us so we definitely ate good while we camped out there for a day.  Sunday morning we woke up and all chipped in to get their yard cleaned up.  Rob, Robert, mama, daddy and I pretty much got it done by around 2:00.  Then Robert and I headed to our house and Michael had cleaned up about half of our yard so we finished that and then went back to my parents.  Despite the clean up everyone made out fine and the storm wasn't half as bad as we had anticipated.  Thank the Lord!

Michael Alexander's 1st birthday party!

He loved his "rubber ducky" smash cake!

Bethel Beach Road in the midst of the storm.

The weapon station was closed today so we did some things around the house this morning and then went to Jerry's for the afternoon.  We had lunch on the porch and then Abigail did some swimming and playing! 

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