Sunday, September 18, 2011

Carters Mountain

We left early Saturday morning and headed west to Charlottesville, Va for the day.  My mother, grandmother, aunt Dianne, Abigail and I went to Carters Mountain apple picking and what a fun day!  The orchard was packed with people and everyone was doing the same thing, eating homemade donuts, overlooking the beautiful views from the orchard, playing checkers in the wine shop, going on hayrides and most importantly picking apples.  There is an art to this and I had no idea!  There is such a thing as an "apple picker", it's a long stick with a basket on the end which helps reach that perfect apple you just can't get to.  I quickly realized if they snap off easily without much effort that meant they were perfectly ripe.  In talking to people there it seems as if October is the best time to go as they have live music every weekend and that's peak season for most apples.  A pound of apples was $1.19 and I picked almost 11 pounds so I thought that was a pretty good deal.  Not to mention how succulent these apples are, they are so juicy and taste different than the one's you buy at the store.  I have a feeling we're going to be eating apples around here for quite some time!

We left there and rode by Aunt Hilda and Uncle Harrison's home place and then rode down Main Street near the University of Virginia.  We were telling Abigail that's where she'll probably be in 15 years! HA:)  We had so much fun just being together, it truly was a wonderful day.

Abigail woke up with a cold this morning so she has been miserable all day, poor baby.  We didn't go anywhere as I declared a "jam jam" day!!  I made my first homemade apple pie this afternoon and if do dare say so myself, it turned out pretty delicious! :)  I also made my first pot of chili for the season!  Fall is here and I am loving it!!

Abigail and her "Mom"
M M M, nothing like a freshly picked apple!

Mama fell while reaching for some apples, notice how she managed to hold on to them!  We're serious apple pickers! HA:)

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