Wednesday, September 21, 2011

oreo blizzard please

Abigail being silly before we left this morning!
Abigail and I were walking by Dairy Queen today at Patrick Henry Mall and she requested an Oreo blizzard.  I had no idea she knew what that was however we stopped and got one (we shared a small) and can I just say it was DELICIOUS!  Good call Abby!  I usually always get a banana split blizzard so this was a nice change. 

Robert was home from work today with the flu so Abigail and I ran some errands.  We checked everything off the list and came home to a somewhat better daddy.  Abigail went down the road to play with her friend Lauren and I decided to take advantage of this time to get some Halloween decorations out. 

This came from Dollar General last year and I'm sure I paid a few dollars for it, love the sparkle!

This is my favorite decoration, I bought this several years ago from Green Gate Gifts in Gloucester Point. 
This came from Cracker Barrel after Halloween, I got it for like 70% off!  I look forward to sitting this little guy out every year.

I bought this from Cattail's about 5 years ago, when they were in the Wee Folk Shop, does anyone remember them being there?
This little bug is snuggled up and sleeping sound!  Good night ;)

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