Thursday, September 29, 2011

french silk pie - my love language

My mother makes us dinner every Thursday night and we always look so forward to it.  Tonight was one of my favorite meals, meatloaf,  mashed potatoes, lima beans and corn, bread, and french silk pie for dessert.  I am mildly obsessed with mama's french silk pie, I seriously could have eaten the entire pie thus I made my husband hide it from me.  Seriously, I'm not even joking, I don't know where the pie went! :)

Yesterday was a very busy day.  I made dinner for friends who recently had a baby, ran errands, went to the Y and had an excellent workout and made dinner for my family. 

Today I worked, Abigail had pre-school, and we had church tonight.  I started a new Max Lucado class and I must say it was great tonight, looking forward to the weeks to come.  It's main focus is marriage and parenting, definitely two areas of my life that I could use some guidance in.  We left church at 8:00 and headed to Gwynn's Island/ Island Beauty for a haircut, A was way past due.  We came home, took baths and now we're finally settling in for the night.  It's 10:30 and way past our bedtime!  G'night :)

Here are few pictures of the meal I made yesterday, will post recipes soon.
Broccoli casserole.

Chicken poppy seed dish.

Homemade chocolate chip cookies!  :)

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