Monday, September 26, 2011

A birthday weekend!

Happy 34th Birthday Robert!  We started the birthday celebrations by having a wonderful dinner at my parents on Friday night.   Robbie, Mom (grandmother), and I.T.(grandfather) were there too!
Abigail helping her daddy open his presents.  That was a purple polo and J.Crew khaki's he so desperately needed! :)

Chocolate Italian Creme cake! PURE GOODNESS!  Made with love by Mama.
We continued the birthday celebrations at Jerry's on Sunday evening with a delicious dinner.  Love this picture of Robert and Elizabeth, like sister like brother! ;)

Robert, Abigail and I.


Today is daddy's 59th birthday!  Happy Birthday to the best dad in the world.  We met he and mama for dinner at Richardson's tonight, loved having dinner with him to celebrate his birthday!  We love you daddy! xoxo

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