Monday, September 5, 2011

labor day!

Until next summer!
 We had a fun weekend!  Friday after work we went out for a sunset cruise with Karen, Rob and Shane.  There wasn't much of a sunset but it was a beautiful evening out on the water with great friends!  Saturday I made my first tomato pie for dinner, Robert and I both LOVED it.  I'll share the recipe soon, quick, easy and so delicious!  Sunday was promotion day at church and Abigail was promoted to the preschool/kindergarten class.  My children from bible school sang a few songs for the special program and did fantastic!  Sunday afternoon Abigail went to a birthday party for a few hours so Robert & I went to Haven Beach.  A lovely afternoon that soothed my soul! This afternoon Robert and Abby went out in the boat with Roland, Allie and Thomas.  They went out to Rigby and then did some swimming in the creek in front of Bun and Peggy's house.  Robert called as they were pulling up the driveway and told me to come out and look at Abigail.  She was sitting in the front seat bopping up and down and singing her heart out.  She had her daddy's sunglasses on and was cracking me up.  She has NEVER gone anywhere without riding in her car seat and since Roland and Leslie live just down the street Robert let her ride up front with him.  She is so full of herself, hilarious!  I ran some errands and did some organizing to get us ready for Abigail's first day of pre-school tomorrow.  I can't believe it! 

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