Sunday, November 20, 2011

13 weeks

I will be 13 weeks on Tuesday and I'm feeling pretty good these days.  I'm continuing to work out so that's really helping with my energy level.  The baby is the size of a nutter butter cookie, funny to think of my little peanut this way.  I have my first ultrasound tomorrow so we are really excited to see the baby on the monitor and hear the heartbeat for the first time. 

13 weeks!

We had a great day today!  We went to church this morning, the children sang and then they told the church what they were thankful for, Abigail said she was thankful for her Mimi (my mama), so so sweet.  This afternoon my parents picked the three of us up and we went to the Duke of York in Yorktown for dinner.  We got to the restaurant early so we had some time to browse through some shops and enjoy the lovely evening.  It was like a spring afternoon, people were walking down the beach, playing in the grass, the seagulls were being fed and several were enjoying rides on their Segway.  As much as I love the change of seasons the warm weather sparked something in me that made me very happy to think about spring and summer.  Our dinner was delicious and Abigail was phenomenal in the restaurant, I was so proud of her.  We ended our evening at Wal-Mart.  I had to get a few ingredients to make several pies this week. I'm making two for Abigail's feast at school on Tuesday, one for a church event and one for us to take to take to the Ramsey farm on Thanksgiving. 

Here are few pictures of Abigail over the past week!

Mama and I went to the Christmas Bazaar at Ware Episcopal Church a few weeks ago and I found this precious turkey bow there, this was taken before school one morning. (Her hair looks really dark in this picture)

Abigail got to take Corduroy (the little bear she's holding) home from school last week and we documented her time with him.  Here they are at choir practice.
Abigail reading a bedtime story to Corduroy.
Abigail and Corduroy made S'mores one night over a campfire, Allie came over too and they had a fun evening together.

Abigail and Corduroy posing with the Thanksgiving flag.

I tried getting a picture of her in her Thanksgiving outfit but she just wouldn't have it.
At least you can see the pilgrim and turkey, that's just what she is a, TURKEY JOE~

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  1. Love the turkey bow! I was just thinking the other day I needed one for Maddie.