Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Our tree~

Christmas with Lauren and family at Mama and Daddy's the evening before Christmas Eve.

Mama, Dorothy (Lauren's mother) and Brody

Little Missy

Layla and Santa (Daddy ;)  on Christmas Eve.

Abigail and Santa

And a certain precious little boy didn't like St. Nick this year!

Mike, Robert, I.T., and Abigail

Layla and Landon in with their dolls and matching P.J.'s I gave them.  How cute are they?

Christmas Eve night was coming to a close.  Mama, Amber, Tracy and Daddy.

 Santa left some fun surprises for Abby.

Lindsay and Trixie

Michael, Robert and Mike~!

Abigail and I

Mama and Daddy (Daddy is sportin' Landon's hat) :)

Landon got a HUGE stuffed teddy bear from Aunt KK.  Abigail thought it was the COOLEST thing ever!

M.A. and Pa Pa

Abby, Layla and Landon decided to take the party outside. 

Christmas night we had dinner at Jerry's and opened presents.  Here we are attempting to get into a box~

Look what was inside, I think we may have a veterinarian on our hands.  Thanks Granddaddy for a great present. 

Notice her name tag, Dr. Abigail

It was truly a wonderful Christmas. 
I am 18 weeks today, feeling good and the nesting is setting in.  We are blessed beyond words.

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  1. Great pictures of your beautiful family!! Glad it was a fabulous holiday for you all! (and I can't believe that MA- aka most mellow little boy ever- didn't dig Santa! ha!)