Tuesday, December 20, 2011

That time of the year

I do have pictures of the final product of our small renovation and they will come very soon.  I will tell you that I love it and find myself just standing in the kitchen looking around.  I love newness.  But until then I will fill you in on the recent happenings with the Ramsey's.  This is a busy time of the year for everyone and I just LOVE IT.  Let's see, Saturday morning I got up bright and early and ran some Christmas errands and then got my hair cut.  Or what I thought was going to be a quick trim turned into an hour at the salon.  My hair dresser informed me that when I walked in I needed some color.  My hair had gotten really light on the ends and she said we couldn't have dull hair in Christmas pictures so she threw some color on and now I'm shining again! :)  Saturday evening we went to Richmond and had a delicious dinner prepared by Les and Scott.  We enjoyed spending time with our good friends and Abigail and Mckenzie had a ball together.  It was a wonderful evening and the Christmas spirit was in the air.

Sunday we went to church, Robert and my Sunday school class visited the local nursing home and I was touched by how much the old folks enjoyed our company.  One lady really sticks out in my mind because of her energy, they say she's the mayor of the nursing home, I believe it.  She was my mom and dad's government teacher in high school, Mrs. Marion Grey Trusch.  What a lovely woman she has always been. We took Abigail with us and Mrs. Marion was talking to her and telling her she loved her bow.  She also told her she loved her name, it reminded her of the first lady Abigail Adams.  Her love of history still shines.  We left there and went to preaching.  It was a beautiful service.

After church we stopped by my parents and then headed home to fix lunch.  Elaine and Miller joined us, what a treat that was.  After lunch the children played and Abigail did not do a very good job of sharing with Baby Miller and Elaine and I sat around and caught up.  Sunday evening my mom, grandmother and a few aunt's picked Abby and I up and we rode around and looked at lights.  It was a great time together and a nice way to end the weekend.

Now Christmas week is upon is and I am so excited.  There is shopping to do, cookies to bake and togetherness to be had.  I love the week before Christmas.  Mama and I started it off right last night with a trip to Walmart for a mani/pedi!   I hope you and your family have a blessed and merry holiday.

Mama, Abigail and I will be making these cutie's tomorrow.

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