Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Long live Big Foot

Last Thursday night was Daddy night at Abigail's school.  Since Robert and I were visiting his dad in the hospital my dad went as a stand in.  Abigail was sad that her daddy couldn't go but knowing her Pops was going with her put a smile on her face!

Friday night after dinner we put her Melissa & Doug Dinosaur puzzle together, what fun! 

Okay, so I know you are wondering why this precious 3 year old little girl would be sleeping with something so terrifying as this ridiculous looking Big Foot the Monster.  Last year, Christmas of 2010 all Abigail wanted was Big Foot, she saw him in Toys R Us with my parents and Landon on a Christmas shopping trip.  So after that whenever anyone (including Santa) would ask her what she wanted she said Big Foot the Monster.  Robert and I toyed with the idea of getting it for her but decided against it.  So, on Christmas Eve my dad decided to go to Walmart and get it for her, although it was from Santa.  I will never forget Christmas Eve night after Robert and I got home from all the festivities I was finishing up wrapping her Santa presents and he was putting her kitchen set together.  We decided to get Big Foot out of the box and see what this character was all about.  Well little did we know he did backflips and front flips and even talked. He also has some horrid behaviors like breaking wind (I can't believe I am writing this on my blog) but he does and then he says "EXCUSE ME"  Well we laughed until we were crying!  We sat on the couch until after midnight laughing and playing with Big Foot.  Abigail has been petrified of him since the day she got him.  He has been in Robert's closet in the box for a year.  Every now and then we would use him if we really wanted her to do something and she wouldn't.  Like, OK Abigail, it's time to brush teeth and she wouldn't want to.  We would mention getting Big Foot out and she was in the bathroom with toothbrush in hand in 2.5 seconds.  Pretty sweet!  All of the sudden this past weekend they are best friends.  She carried him around all night Friday night and was hugging him and talking to him. So, I think they are now friends for life!  It makes me a little bit sad, the legend of Big Foot at our house was a fun one.      


  1. That is such a funny story. Its crazy what they get in their heads they want for Xmas and then dont play with it. All Maddie wanted for xmas that same year was Baby All Gone (she kept seeing it on tv) and she never plays with it. She also wanted a crane truck (random) but does play with it occasionally. The other day she was using it like a zip line having her Barbies go across it. The stuff they come up with! :)

  2. Ok, that is TOTALLY hilarious!!! :) I think I might want a Big Foot....hahah! :)

  3. Too funny! Great story Rhonda!