Tuesday, February 7, 2012


No, I didn't find out yesterday at my 24 week appointment that I was having twins. I truly cannot even imagine.  I just feel compelled to write about twins today.  Saturday my mom and I were shopping and we saw a husband and wife in Sam's Club who had twins, a girl and a boy.  The boy was double the size of his sister but they were precious babies and they had a proud mama and daddy.  Today a lady came into my office to tell me her granddaughter had twins yesterday, I know this girl and went to school with her many years ago.  I also read two blogs of twin sisters.  They are identical twins and I truly cannot tell one from the other by looking at their picture.  They seem so close, a bond that undoubtedly cannot be broken.  I am curious as to what it would be like to have a twin sister or brother.  I think it would be undeniably the coolest thing E.V.E.R.  When Robbie and I were younger and both had long curly hair people often times thought we were twins even though there is 3 years difference between us. 

My appointment went well yesterday, met another doctor on the team, Dr. Jenkins.  I really like him and we discussed my birthing plan, yet again.  Sounds like a natural birth for Mr. Jack is in the cards, we won't know for sure until week 38.  Depending on his position we will then make a decision.  I will take some baby bump pictures soon!  I leave you with twin pics!


  1. Twins are scary...ha! there's just some people in this world that there should NEVER be two of them...hahahah!

  2. Dr. Jenkins delivered Justin and Nathan ☺

    I get asked the question all the time if Kevin and Nathan are twins. They are 12 months apart!