Thursday, January 19, 2012

A week in pictures

We had a fun visit with baby Peyton and her parents last Saturday afternoon.  They spent the day and night at Laurie and Danny's. She is such a good baby and always smiling, her giggle will melt your heart. 

Yesterday we had a wonderful lunch date with Catelyn and Callie.  These two are so sweet together and growing up way too fast.  Here they are enjoying some ice cream at Richardson's. 

Abigail is loving "dance class" as she calls it.  I loved dropping her off yesterday to see she and her little friends go hand in hand into the studio.  She walked away from me and then came back to give me a tight hug, oh I LOVE THIS LITTLE GIRL. 

This was this morning before going to school.  I know, my child is eating a "squeeze thing" as we call them, most people call them popsicles but anyway we sometimes need a great diversion such as this when doing our hair.  Abigail does not at all like for me to comb her hair.  I have tried everything, different brushes, shampoos, conditioners, and even a spray in conditioner.  Nothing works, she just plain doesn't like for me to do her hair.  So, this works and we go with it.  ; )

All bundled up, barbies in hand and ready to head off to school!

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