Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Movie buffs

Robert and I have been on a movie binge lately.  Last weekend, we watched The Help, which I had seen in the theater when it came out but he had not.  He really liked it which surprised me since it is considered a chick flick! I cried even more this time watching it than the first time.  Definitely a must see!  We also watched a military movie that is not even worth mentioning, I have already forgotten the name, that's how much of an impact it made on me.  It was terrible and Robert agreed.  This weekend we watched Contagion which is not usually my type of movie but it was really good, although intense.  Saturday night we watched Courageous. The acting wasn't the best but the story line was good and it really makes you stop and think.  It's a christian based movie about 4 police officers in a small town who all have a "story".    You should see it!

Today was Pet Day at Abigail's school, my friend Jill sent me some pictures of Abigail with some of the pets.  She doesn't look too sure of what's going on.  She loves going to the pet store which we frequent when we are in Gloucester.  I think she likes all animals behind their cage, she looks alittle scared when they are so up close and personal. 

Brave girl!  I love the expression on her face, it's the "okay, I've got this" look!


  1. We watched The Help this weekend...LOVED IT! You is important...and don't be bringing any chocolate pies to me anytime soon--ha!

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  3. Glad you liked it! And don't you be bringing me any chocolate pies anytime soon either! HA! :)