Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Friday Abigail spent the day with Carolyn Kay. When I was growing up Carol lived in Richmond and I can remember many weekends spent with her.  Mama would drive me to West Point to meet her and we would head back to her house for the weekend.  She would take me shopping, roller skating, to the movies, pretty much whatever I wanted to do we did!  Abigail and KK had a fun day together, lunch at McDonald's, a trip to Walmart and then back to Carol's for the afternoon.  There was mention of bags of cotton balls, Abigail likes to pretend it's snowing.  She has been wanting a fish for quite some time.  So what do you think she came home with Friday night, a fish, fish tank, pretty rocks and fish food!  Abby was quick to name her new pet, Nemo, fitting since he was bright orange.  All weekend Nemo was the hot topic around here.  It went like this.

Setting up the fish tank!

Abigail gave the fish and tank one last hug before story time.

I had to read loud so that Nemo could hear me, per Abby's request!

Sunday morning we fed Nemo and then geared up for a bike trip to Yorktown.

We picnicked on Yorktown Beach!  It was chilly so we finished up lunch in the car.

28 weeks pregnant mama! ;)

We got home from our fun Sunday and Nemo was well.  We fed him and all went to bed Sunday night.  Abigail came into my bedroom Monday morning and said Nemo was laying at the bottom of the tank sleeping.  I knew right away that was a not a good sign, fish do not just lay at the bottom of a tank.   I went to check things out and sure enough Nemo was a goner, Abigail took the news well and said she would name the next one after Nemo's dad, Sydney.  She and her dad had a burial service in our garden last night.  All afternoon she kept asking if she could dig him up, "she said she just wants to see what he's doing"...  I told her he was resting and to let him be.  So, I guess this weekend we will be getting Sydney.  I think we'll try a Beta fish, they sound pretty easy to keep alive.


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