Monday, April 9, 2012

Birthday, Wedding and Easter

Mama's birthday celebration!!

Opening presents! :)

Becoming impatient at the wedding rehearsal!
She perked right up when she got to walk down the aisle with Justin!

Getting ready to enter the reception, so so sweet!

Catelyn & Callie gettin' down!  Love this picture of such a lovely mother and daughter!

Abigail and I got some dancing in too. 

Abby and Daddy!

Easter afternoon on Mom & I.T.'s front porch.

We ended Easter Sunday at Granddaddy's!  He surprised Abigail with a new bunny rabbit.  She named him Oreo which is her favorite cookie and he kind of looks like an Oreo!!  What a fun and memorable Easter present.

Robert taught us to always pick him up like this, poor little guy, it looks painful if you ask me.  Oreo hippity hoppitied all around the living room.  ;)

Abigail tried spending the night at my parents last night since they were leaving early this morning for a trip but around 9:30 she and mama were laying in the bed and she looked at mama and said "I miss my parents".(that just sounds so grown up) mama said just try and go to sleep honey and she said "No Mimi, I think I"m going to cry".(when mama called to tell me this we laughed right hard, we had never heard her call us her parents.) daddy brought her home and she was so happy to see Robert and I. My mom, grandparents, Necie, Howie, KK and Layla left at 6:30 this morning on a train headed to Philadelphia, PA.  I cannot wait to hear all about her first train ride.  I on the otherhand am in full on nesting mode, I rented a Rug Doctor from Best Value this morning and cleaned the carpets, and cleaned the entire house for that matter.  We are slowly but surely getting ready for Baby Jack's arrival, it's getting oh so close!!  YAY!

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