Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Masters

Meet Bubba Watson. 

My dad is an avid golfer, usually during the spring and summer he plays once or twice or a week.  Growing up I watched golf with him all of the time.  Since Sunday was Easter I didn't get to watch all of The Masters but I saw bits and pieces. I did see Bubba Watson get the win and it was very emotional.  Robert and I both cried, to see him win and be so humbled was terribly moving for us.   


  1. Tell your dad, that while you'll were eating at Laurie's and watching the Master's, Kevin was actually playing golf with Jack Snead at The Greenbrier. Jack Snead is the son of the late Sam Snead, the professional golfer. ☺ Lucky kid huh!

  2. Daddy is going to be so jealous! Lucky Kevin!! We missed you all at Laurie's but loved having Justin with us. Yet again he floored me with his prayer, such a good kid. Happy belated Easter.