Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Michael is married!

My cousin Michael and I have been best buds from day 1.  There are just two months between us and we have just always had a very special bond.  We were always in the same grade through our school years and had the same circle of friends.  I have always felt like he was more than just a cousin to me, more like a brother.  We vacationed together every summer, we had slumber parties at my house where he and I would dress up and make videos of ourselves,  I spent the night at his house too from time to time, we did lip syncs together in school, he escorted me in Homecoming our freshmen year of high school, we laughed together, we passed notes in class, we snuck cigarettes and pretended to smoke together in his dad's shed.  He was my buddy and I was his.  He was the one I could lean on, he has ALWAYS been there for me.  We now live next door to each other and we've made some fun memories being neighbors too. 

Friday night he came over around 10:00 (we had just gotten home from my work baby shower) and handed me a piece of paper.  It said 1 Corinthians.  I was so confused, did he want me to read this scripture at his wedding shower on Saturday.  I'm sure I looked puzzled and he said "will you read this at my wedding tomorrow"?  He and Tasha had planned all along to have a small wedding with just family prior to their party.  I cried, tears of joy of course.  I have always prayed he would find a good girl and he has definitely found that in Tasha.  I was honored to have been a reader at his wedding.  It took fighting back the tears to get through it on Saturday but I did and I am just elated that I could be a part of it. 

I love Michael with all my heart and pray that he and Tasha have a wonderful life together full of love and happiness.  I think they will.  Pictures to follow soon!


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  1. I love it!!! I love how they did it, I love how they told everyone at the party! I am SO happy for them--had a great time on Saturday night!!! Oh and Friday too :) LOVES!