Friday, May 4, 2012

Lena's baptism

This post is alittle late but we celebrated Lena Grace's baptism last Sunday.  It was so great to see Margaret, her husband Scott and their precious two children, Thomas and Lena.  Along with the rest of the Ramsey family.  Margaret and family are here for two weeks visiting from their home in Dubai.  The service was held at Royster Presbyterian in Norfolk, Va and the lunch was at the Norfolk Country Club. 

While we were eating lunch Abigail decided she wanted to color.
Margaret and Baby Lena!  (Margaret, I don't think I told you this but you look amazing!)

Abigail and Thomas

Abigail got to bring her stuffed animal Corduroy home for the weekend from school.  She took him everywhere she went~! :)

So sweet!  How sweet is Thomas?  And I just love the look in Abigail's face, makes me laugh!

She loves Corduroy!

Wednesday we filled her pool up and splashed around for a few hours!  This is her "silly" face, love this little girl so much.   She is going to be an amazing big sister to her brother Jacky boo!  (that's what we call him sometimes)


I have to post this so I will never forget this morning.  I walked out of my bedroom, all dressed for work and I heard Robert tell Abigail to run give me a kiss because they were leaving.  She ran down the hall and as soon as she saw me she said "mama, you look so beautiful".  Talk about melting a mother's heart, that's just what she did.  Since I am 9 months pregnant having my 3 year old little girl tell me that and know she means it with every ounce of her being is so very sweet to me. 

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