Sunday, June 24, 2012

3 - 4 as in 34 years old!!

Today was my birthday and what a great day it was!  We went back to church for the first time since Jack's birth which was awesome.  It was so great to be back.  Abigail had bible school all last week so today was the closing ceremony, she did fantastic.  We had a late lunch/early dinner at my parents this afternoon.  Mama prepared my favorite meal and made my all time favorite cake, banana split cake with chocolate syrup.  I definitely went off of my weight loss plan today but back on the band wagon tomorrow.  I'll have to run an extra mile tomorrow afternoon to make up for the 6 (not even joking) pieces of cake I ate in a 3 hour span. I.T. joing us for my dinner, we loved having with us.  I'm 34 now, definitely don't feel like it but I am.  10 years from now I'll be 44, that is almost unbelievable. 

I have a quick story to share about Abigail's love for our Lord and Saviour.  This afternoon after dinner we walked next door to my grandparents.  Abigail was playing and I didn't really think she was listening to our conversation.  We happened to be talking about the Sandusky case.  My grandmother said "we can't trust anyone these days."  Abigail whipped her head around and said "WE CAN TRUST GOD."  How amazing is that?  She is learning at such a young age to always trust God.  I hope she will always feel this way.

Here are some pictures from our day!  Don't you just love Abigail's ginormous bow, some people probably think it's crazy but I love it, the bigger the better!

Here's Abigail and Popz at the computer.

Rob helping set the table.

Jack Jack taking a nap!

Daddy, Abby, Jack and I after dinner.


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