Sunday, February 10, 2013

Carrots, radishes and onions oh my!

Saturday was a full day of business.  I went to the Y and ran, came home and Jack and I ran some errands.  Robert and Abigail went to Home Depot to pick up our new dryer, yay we can dry clothes again.  Abigail and I made a poster for mama and daddy to hang on the sign at the end of their lane wishing them a happy 40 years of marriage.  And then we planted Abigail's garden that Grandaddy gave her for Christmas.

Here is Jack after waking up from his afternoon nap.  He will 9 months next week, he is crawling, trying to sit up, babbling up a time, and when you ask him how big he is he lifts up his arms.  Love this baby boy so very much.

All smiles, he usually wakes up so happy.

 After bath, all clean!!
 "How big is Jack Jack"  Soooo big!

I can't wait to see how many vegetables our garden yields.  I'll keep you posted.  Happy Sunday!

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