Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

I love our day today.  It was perfect!  We went to church this morning and then came home and changed clothes and went to Mom and I.T.'s for lunch.  Everything was delicious and we loved being with our family.  Abigail stayed and played with Landon and Layla while Robert and I brought Jack home to nap before going to Jerry's for dinner.  I got some cleaning and laundry done while Robert watched Duke play Louisville in the lead eight.  Daddy brought Abigail home on his way to take Landon back to Gloucester.  We had a delicious meal at Jerry's and enjoyed spending time with he and Elizabeth.  Jack played with his new Leap Frog house while Abigail colored and played the piano for us.  We actually sang some Christmas carols, call us crazy but it was fun! :)  And Abigail is really good on the piano,  I would love to sign her up for lessons. 



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