Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring break - laid back style

Last week was spring break!  It was cold and rainy a few days so we just took it easy and enjoyed not having to be anywhere at a certain time.  I think Abigail had a great week!  We ended it with a bang and the four of us went to Busch Gardens yesterday.  It was beautiful and we had such a great day.  Jack did amazing, he was his happy go lucky self all day long.  I hope yesterday is a glimpse of what our summer BG days will be like.  We also got Water Country passes so I'm looking forward to a great spring and summer. 

We were all ready to get back on a schedule this morning.  Abigail was thrilled to go back to school.  After lunch the three of us visited Grandmama since today is her 82nd birthday.  We enjoyed our time with her as always.  She gave me a bag of pictures from when I was a little girl, I really enjoyed looking at them and sharing with Abigail the great memories from my childhood. 

Here are a few pictures from yesterday at BG! 


Nothing like a ride in the dragons! :)

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