Monday, April 22, 2013

4 generations

Last Thursday Abigail and I went to Lee Jackson Elementary to do her screening for Kindergarten.  I filled out paper work while she went to the library for some testing.  She did great and came into the office where I was waiting smiling from ear to ear with her "Welcome to Kindergarten" bag full of goodies.  How is it possible that my baby will be going to school in the fall.  Time certainly has a way of passing us by.

We came home, picked Mama, Mom (Countess) and Jack up and we were Outer Banks bound.  We stopped at Mel's Diner for a quick lunch and got back on the road.  Once we arrived at the beach we unpacked and I put Jack down for a nap.  It was sunny and warm so we sat on the deck and basked in the afternoon sun.  We talked, laughed, and just enjoyed being with each other.  We even stayed up until midnight one night which is very unusual for me but I loved every second of it.  It was wonderful being with mama and mom. We had a fantastic weekend with all 4 generations of us. 

As always we were up with the sun Friday morning and what a beautiful sunrise it was!

This was the view from the top deck of the house where we stayed.

Mom and Jack Jack reading books.

There was an arcade across the street at the Avalon Fishing Pier which has been around for many a year.  Abigail and I walked over Friday afternoon and played some games.

She is really good at air hockey!

Before we went to the arcade we walked along the seashore and collected some shells.

She was all bathed, watching some "toons" and ready for bed Friday night.

We had lunch at Big Al's on Saturday in Manteo.

We had a wonderful time at the North Carolina Aquarium.

Mama and Abigail looking at the turtles.

Jack enjoyed his stroll around the aquarium!

She got to touch a live starfish, pretty cool!
Checking out the sharks, this is the same aquarium where we "gave" the sharks her pacifier the summer before she turned two.

The sharks!

My girl!

4 generations - Mom (grandmother), Mama, Me, Abigail and Jack
What a memorable weekend for us! In the midst of all that our nation is facing it was refreshing to me as a mother to turn the tv off and be in the moment away from it all for a while.  We really didn't watch the news as all was unfolding in Boston.  Now it's back to reality but what a peaceful and fun time away!   

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