Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Jack!

Today we celebrated the birthday of my second born.  We are having his little party on Saturday but we had a fun day today as well.  We ventured to Sweet Frogs and got some strawberry yogurt with cherries on top, that was Abigail's request and luckily her brother loved it.  I think it's also safe to say he loves chocolate cupcakes! 

Jack is a lively little one, on the go constantly and keeps his mama on her toes.  He likes to be held around his nap and bedtime but otherwise is very independent.  He's very proud to show off his new tricks and is a total flirt.  He loves a pretty girl and will make it known when he see's one.  It amazes me how different little girls and little boys are.  Abigail always wanted to be held and nurtured and Jack likes to do his own thing.  He is crawling and standing now, and I am certain will be walking very soon. 

I love you sweet and precious boy.  Happy 1st Birthday Jackson Turpin Ramsey!

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