Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day!

What a wonderful day I had!!  Robert made my usual breakfast of waffles, milk and coffee, it was nice to not have to do it myself.  We went to church and it was confirmation for the teens who have been taking a class for the past three months.  I am so proud of the young people in our church especially Emma who babysits Abigail and Jack from time to time.  I was there the day she was born and could not be more proud of the teen she is today.  I love that sweet girl and I just know she has a very bright future ahead.  We came home and ate lunch, Jack went down for a nap, Robert washed the car and I did a few things inside like laundry, cleaning the glass on the coffee tables, ya know, the never ending stuff.  ;)  Mama, daddy, and Robbie got here around 4:00 and went ventured to Deltaville for dinner.  We ate at Cocomo's, I got the Wahoo Oscar and it was delicious and of course a brownie sundae for dessert.  It's funny, I never use to eat fish but I am loving blackened fish these days. 

We came home last night and I put together Abigail's Curious George book for school today.  I printed some pictures and wrote a short story about our weekend with CG.  It turned out cute. 

I am blessed to get to mother my two very precious children every single day.  Mother's day was great but I feel like everyday is mother's day for me.  This is what I was called to do and I love every second of it.  Like anything, there are days I dream of doing something else but then I get the nudge and I know this where I am supposed to be. 

Happy Mother's Day to you all you wonderful Mother's out there, especially mine who without I would not be the person I am today.  I am blessed.

This was before we went to church.

We had to get one with Curious George.

Friday evening we went to Chick Fil A, this was A and CG at Wawa.

Me:  "Let me look at the camera"  It was not working and then suddenly he snapped this! HA! ;)

and this, these make me laugh out loud.

Jack Jack after church before we changed clothes.

Curious George was our chauffeur to Cocomos.

He was helping Popz and Abigail decide what to order.

Uncle Robbie and Abigail outside of Cocomos.

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