Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer break is near!

Abigail has two more days of pre-school and then she will be a graduate of Kingston Parish.  Tomorrow they have another water day which she is thrilled about, then no school Monday and graduation and picnic on Wednesday.  This year will go down in the books for the quickest year ever. 

We have a fun weekend planned and the weather is supposed to be beautiful.  Today we got most of "chores" done so that we can play for the next several days.  I got most of the yard cut (had to stop half way through due to rain and ran out of gas:(, the car washed and vacuumed, the house is clean and most of the laundry is done. 

Yesterday was wear your Kingston tshirt day, I thought she looked right cute! ;)

Last night Robert worked late so I let A stay up and watch Alice in Wonderland.  She decided to have a party with all of her stuffed animals.  I love how she lined them all up, she cracks me up!!!
Love my sweet girl!

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