Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My birthday!

Turning 35 was a breeze!  I don't feel that old at all, I know it's really not that old but when you still feel 16 most of the time it's hard to believe I am actually 35!  Abigail woke up yesterday morning around 3 am vomitting, it must have been a 24hr. bug because by middle of the day she was better.  So we ventured to Tatterson's to get some flowers.  They had their "blooming idiot sale" last weekend and I never made it down there but I lucked out because they gave me the sale price anyway.  I got 3 beautiful hanging baskets. 

We went to my parents last night for dinner, Mom and I.T. joined us.  Mama made my favorite scallop dinner with mashed potatoes, strawberry vinaigrette salad, peas, macaroni and cheese, cucumbers and vinegar and my all time favorite banana split cake.  I look forward to having this for my birthday every year.  It's the perfect cake for a June birthday girl!  I drizzle chocolate syrup over it and wa la, it tastes just alike a banana split!

As I reflect on the past year I am grateful for all of the amazing people in my life.  The ones that inspire me, the one's that help me to grow in my faith, the ones that make me laugh, the ones that let me cry, the new friends, and the old friends.  I'm a lucky girl!

At my parents.

My grandparents and I.

My new flowers!

Mama will love this one, sorry mama! ;)
My family of 4!  I am blessed!

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