Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer Vacation!

We have been going on a summer vacation with my family for 35 years.  We left on Sunday morning and stopped at Golden Coral in Chesapeake and had a delicious breakfast and then went across the street to Sam's Club to stock up on milk, bread, etc. for the week.  We then started our journey to the Outer Banks, one of my most favorite places on God's green earth.  My children had fun playing with their cousins and I enjoyed the sweet salt air, the crashing of the surf and beautiful sunny pool days.  We ate dinner out every night with the exception of one, I took the children through McDonald's drive thru and that was dinner!  :) We ate at Rundown Café, breakfast at the Nags Head fishing pier, Outback, Dare Devil Inn, Five Guys and Captain George's.  Oh and our first night there we had chicken salad on croissants, mom made it and as always it was delicious!  Here is a glimpse of our week at the beach.

We loved the hot tub!

Jack Jack and Carol!

Dancing to the Wii.

Five Guys

We had so much at the carnival, Abigail won this dolphin by fishing for sharks and she caught one.  We rode some rides and then mama, Necie, Howie, Lindsay and I rode the go-carts, what fun!!

I took the children down to the beach one evening to look for seashells.

My heart and soul!  The OCEAN.

Breakfast at the pier.

Happy 4th of July!

Michael and Jack playing on the beach.

My beautiful and precious children.


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