Wednesday, June 12, 2013

One home and one away

Abigail left yesterday morning for a fun few days with mama and daddy.  Landon and Layla are also with them and they are having the time of their life.  They went to Bethpage Campground for a few days.  Yesterday they spent 5 hours at the pool, mama said at 10:45 last night they were still playing on the playground across from where they are staying.  These children are having a blast!  Today Jack and I ventured to the Y, there were no bikes left for spin so I ran and did the elliptical and lifted as well.  It was my first time taking a shower at the Y, it went well, I felt like I was at camp!! :)  After we left there we ventured to Bethpage.  As we pulled up I was on the phone with Nikki and looked over and daddy and Abigail pulled up next to us in the golf cart.  We spent the afternoon at the pool, it's really beautiful there and it was a great day to stay in the water, it was HOT!

She was all packed up and ready to go!

Landon, Layla and Abigail

Landon and I walking up the steps to go down the slide.  As soon as I got there he and Layla were so excited for me to go down the slides with them.  It took some time for me to build up courage but I did it and it was so fun!!

A real sweet lady came over and asked me if I wanted her to take some pictures for me, so I said sure!! This was me coming out of the "toilet bowl" slide!  That's was daddy and Landon named it! :)
Jack Jack fell fast asleep on mama!  I love this!!!

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