Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A fun day with my kiddo's!

Today was just one of those days, a day that I enjoyed with my children.  We woke up and the birds were chirping so loudly that I opened a few windows to enjoy the beauty of the morning. 

It was also a day of sadness.  Something I don't care to go into right now but there are some things happening in my life that put me at ease because I hope and pray this person is doing what needs to be done for them.  It also gave me a sense of loss, I had my moment at home this morning but as Jack, Abigail and I were driving to Gloucester I felt out of sorts, you know that feeling when someone is not where they usually are.  This may not make any sense to you but I love this person so much and only want the best for them. 

We ran a ton of errands today and also went to Beaverdam Park for a bit.  I had never taken the children there but it's really nice, we will definitely be going back.  The parents of some girls I went to school with showed up with their granddaughter.  I enjoyed talking to them while Abigail played with their granddaughter Jessie. 

We met Robert for dinner at Salsa, we sat outside and enjoyed the evening.  We came home and Robert bathed Jack and we put him down.  Abigail then got in the bath tub and requested that I read E.T. to her while she was in the bath tub.  So I did.  We need to rent the movie, that is not a fun story to read.  After bath I opened her window which is next to her bed while we read some more.  I just wanted to hear the frogs and crickets.  The sun was setting and shining through the woods and Abigail freaked out and said it was the lights from E.T.'s spaceship.  I decided we probably shouldn't read about E.T. anymore tonight. 

It was a good day! :)


Abigail was walking around the house taking pictures, oh me!

Jack loved swinging!

I was talking and pushing him back and forth and looked down and he had fallen fast asleep.  He slept for about 20 mintues.

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