Thursday, August 22, 2013

a beautiful day.

Today was a great day!  Abigail and I went to mama and daddy's this morning.  She was supposed to spend the night last night but I got home from Newport News and heard her music playing.  Robert was laying on the couch and I gave him a look and said her music is playing.  He said daddy had just dropped her off, she decided she didn't want to spend the night at like 9:30.  Oh me, will we ever outgrow this phase?  So this morning we ventured down to my parents and Abigail, mama, and Landon did some fishing, or tried to fish, nothing was biting.  So mama and I decided to pick some blueberries.  The children ate lunch and then I took Jack for a swing while Landon and Layla jumped on the trampoline.  Then we decided to ride down to Brandon and Lindsay's new home, it's beautiful, I am so happy for them. 

Abigail had a birthday party this evening for cute little Ella!  Robert took her so Jack and I stayed home, I gave him a bath and put him down.  It's a been a nice, relaxing evening. 

Here she is before leaving for the beach party!!

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