Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Abigail - 1st day of kindergarten!

What a great first day of school, Abigail nailed it and I could not be more proud.  She was more tired than usual this afternoon and evening but was still her happy and cheery self.  I loved hearing all about her day.  She played the bongo's in music class, a teacher that I had many years ago talked to her and told her she knew she was Rhonda's child, she liked recess and loved seeing some other familiar faces.  She met some new friends, one in particular.  We went to Dollar General this afternoon to get a pencil sharpener (who doesn't have atleast one of those sitting around the house? apparently us) but anyway we saw one of her classmates there.  Abigail and her new friend Lilly couldn't stop hugging, they seem to really like each other.  Lilly's mom informed me that when she got home from school today she told her she had met a new pretty friend who had a pink bow in her hair.  Lilly also told her mom she would be wearing a pink bow tomorrow, too cute! 

After I cried for a bit this morning I went for a run and then Jack, Robert and I went to Patsy's Grill for lunch.  We sat outside and enjoyed the afternoon.  It ended up being a really nice day.

Here she is!!!

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