Friday, May 23, 2014


I have recently found reusable sandwich and snack bags that I love.  We recycle plastics and glass in our home and any way that I can help save a tree or save the earth I am on it.  I found these great bags made by Lunchskins.  I had been eyeing them at Target and then found them even cheaper at TJMaxx so I couldn't pass it up.  Walmart also has them! 

These are not the exact ones we have but same shape just different designs.  You must check these out, they will not disappoint. 
Carol took Abigail and Michael to a carnival in York.  They had so much fun, both of them got their face painted and Abigail got some "pink highlights."  Thankfully it washed out nicely! :)  I picked them up and here is mother hen helping Michael out of his car seat at Lowe's.   
We celebrated Jack's 2nd birthday with a fun party, he had so much fun!!

I opened all of his presents, he could have cared less about them.  Yet just another difference in boys and girls. 

He loves his sleeping bag from Mimi and Pop's.

He loved his vanilla cake with buttercream icing from Ukrop's bakery!

Abigail went on a field trip to the Children's Museum in Richmond this week.  I was not able to go on this one so I'm thankful Laurie took some great pictures of her and sent them to me.  Here are Abigail and Hannah in dinosaur eggs!!

Ready to kick off summer!
Have a wonderful three day weekend!

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