Thursday, May 15, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthay Jack!

Dear Jack,

I never thought I could love another child the way I loved your sister but then you came into this world two years ago and I discovered another kind of love.  You look a lot like Abigail but you two are so very different in so many ways.  You are so funny, you make me laugh on a daily basis.  You love to go "bye bye", and you love to play in Mom's jeep just like your sister did at this age.  You love trains and you love to read books.  Your favorite foods are hot dogs, banana's and chicken nuggets.  You are still a thumb sucker and I think it is so cute.  You usually suck your thumb before bedtime, while riding in your car seat and when we are in unfamiliar places. You love for me to rock you to sleep, we sing songs and you like to point things out around the room.  Tonight you discovered a shadow on the ceiling, you kept saying "see the shadow mama." 

Here you are with daddy the day after you were born.
This is when I first discovered you were going to be a thumb sucker.  Notice the pacifier, I tried but you preferred your thumb.
Looking cute in your Halloween pajama's.
Labor Day weekend - 2013

Since you have moved from your crib to your toddler bed I have found you asleep in the rocking chair in your bedroom on several occasions. 

You love all of the Sesame Street characters at Busch Gardens.
You love Sweet Frogs!

This is you today, on your 2nd birthday doing what you love most, playing outside.

We hung your birthday sign this morning!
The birthday boy.
This was you last year blowing out the candle on your cupcake.

And here you are this year blowing out the candles on your cupcake!  My how you have grown.
Happy 2nd Birthday little bug!


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