Sunday, June 8, 2014

Shall we dance!

We had a three tball games this week and finished out the season yesterday.  Today we had Abigail's ballet recital that she has been working on all year long.  What a wonderful community Diggs School of Dance is and we are so excited to be a part of it.  I feel like Abigail has learned so much this year, I was in aww of the recital today, it was really fantastic.

Here is our week in pictures!!

It's been so warm out that most days after school everyone has a popsicle outside.  Abigail and Jack's friend Lewis joined in on the fun!

Jack enjoyed his lunch outside while playing with his truck in between eating!  ;)
On Thursday Abigail went to the Norfolk zoo on a field trip.  She loved riding the train and seeing the lions.  Her dad went with her on this trip and afterwards he took her to Doumar's for lunch and ice cream of course!!  Elizabeth met them there, what fun!  Kathryn and Ray joined them too!
The highlight of the game on Thursday was Jack sitting in this mud puddle, he was going after the ball and fell in.  He loved it, he's saying CHEESE!!
Here are Jack and Daddy walking to the car.  Jack and I left before the game was over, someone needed a bath! ;)
Abigail had Field Day on Friday.  I handed out snow cones on behalf of the PTA for part of the day and got to see her do the water bucket relay.  She was really into it and did great!!  She was on the red team and wore her Super Man Tucker t-shirt, she was so proud of it.  For those of you readers who went to school in Mathews they still have a winning team.  The blue team won this year!  OH well Abigail, there's always next year!  And remember the tug of war, that was a favorite of mine, they still do that too! :)


Mama, Daddy and the ballerina!
Here is Abigail and her teacher Ms. Rachel.  Rachel is really the best of the best, Abigail loves her.

Autumn did such a great job!  Here she is in her Footloose costume!

Abigail and Uncle Robbie, we were so happy he was there to see her perform!

Jack and I waiting for the recital to start!

The four of us!!  It's nearly impossible to get a picture where everyone is looking at the camera! 
Abigail came home, changed out of her costume and put every piece (literally) of jewelry that I own on!  Just for fun, she loves playing in my jewels;) and clothes!
And last I leave you with a picture of my brother's and I!  Love these men.

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