Sunday, June 15, 2014

School's out for summer!

You know like the Alice Cooper song...sing along! :)

Abigail's last day of school was Friday!  She seems excited to be out for the summer but I think she's going to miss her friends.  She loves school so much, I can count on one hand the number of times she didn't want to go this year.  I hope she is always this way.  Abigail had a fantastic teacher who she loved as much as I did.  I have known Christina for 20+ years and having her for my daughter's kindergarten teacher was so wonderful.  She nurtured her and taught her so much this year and for that we are blessed.  Laurie was also with Abigail every single day since she is Christina's aide.  Whatever she needed Laurie was there and I will never forget how she made this transition in our life such a memorable one. 
Laurie and Abigail on the last day of school!
Abigail and Mrs. Davis (Jack wanted to be in it too)
We stopped by the store on our way home from school, each of them got a treat.  We came home and they each put their bathing suits on to play in the sprinkler that Jack got for his birthday!
And boy did they have fun!  They were splashing and running around the yard, a perfect way to end the school year.
This guy graduated from MHS yesterday with an advanced diploma.  I am so excited for him and all that his future holds.  I have watched him grow from a toddler running around to a handsome young man.  Godspeed Justin, I am so proud of you!  (Great photo bomb Jen)  :)
Jack played in Laurie's jeep at Justin's graduation party!  The boy loves playing in vehicles!

He loved the cake!
Here are Abigail and Hannah at her end of the school year picnic at Port Fun! 

Abigail on the monkey bars!

Jack went with me and loved being with the older kids.  This is Abigail's friend Nicholas!
We visited the new and very precious addition to our family.  Tristan Turpin Haywood, he is so cute and I am so excited for Brandon and Lindsay and all the joy he will bring to the lives!
Little Jack Jack before heading out for the day! 
Amber, Mama and I after lunch today!
We had a cookout to honor the father's.  My dad is my hero, my rock and number one supporter.  He is the most wonderful daddy a girl could ask for and I love him so very much. 
Happy Father's Day to Robert!  He is a wonderful father to our children and I am so happy to share this life with him. 
Here is another special man in my life, my grandfather!  He is one of the hardest working men I've ever known and I am so proud to be his granddaughter. 
Happy Father's Day to my brother's.  I love you both to the moon and back!

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