Wednesday, June 25, 2014

This and that....

Here I am on my 36th birthday!  I went to the YMCA and worked out, went to the beach with some of my favs and had take out from Richardson's (my favorite scallops) with Robert.  Oh and I also cleaned some, it was a pretty perfect way to celebrate a birthday if you ask me! :)

Proof that my girl is having fun with her grandparents, uncle and cousins on a mini vacation.  Here she is with Landon and Layla after a round of Putt Putt.  Thankful that my brother has sent me some pictures!

On our way to drop her off at Mimi and Pop's house!

Here she was yesterday morning all packed up and ready to head out the door.  Jack Jack was helping her with her suitcase! :)
Oh and update on Robert, he went to an eye doctor and his eye is completely healed.  He was on two different types of eye drops but does not have to take those any more.  Very thankful!!

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