Monday, June 23, 2014

Eye patch please!

Abigail went to bible school last week and had so much fun.  Almost everyday that I dropped her off she got out of the car and ran to the door with excitement.  There's another bible school this week at Bethel that she really wants to go to but she's going to be out of town for most of the week!  We were enjoying the bible school program yesterday morning at church and Jack somehow scraped Robert's eye in the midst of it all.  He couldn't really see out of it yesterday afternoon so I took him to Urgent Care to find he has a torn cornea.  The doctor actually let me see what he was seeing and it was pretty bad.  He now has to go to an eye doctor to see what the next step is, we are hoping it will just heal on it's on.

Here he is at Urgent Care, it's really never a dull moment!
Jack has never fallen asleep at the table but he did at my birthday lunch/dinner at my parents yesterday.  I guess he was completely exhausted, note to self, we may need to slow down a bit this week! :)

Saturday Robert, mama and I went to Krista's wedding.  What a beautiful ceremony and reception.  I love this family and have so many great memories of them growing up.  I took a selfie of us before the reception! 
Here is Abigail looking out for her Mimi to pick her up last week for an afternoon date to the movies! 
And last yesterday was a hard day leaving church.  I had to say good bye to our wonderful Pastor and his family.  Pastor Bill is an amazing person and the church that is receiving he and his family are very blessed.  I will miss he and Jenny as they have truly been brothers and sisters in Christ.  I once heard this statement from a wise man, "it's never good bye, it's so long see you soon."  It feels better to think of it that way but certainly does not make it any easier. 


  1. I am so sorry for Robert. He survived being a Ranger ( right?). and was brought down by Jack!
    Yesterday was so very sad.

  2. Yes it was! Yeah, he made it through Ranger School and 3 deployments and a 2 year old brought him down! Thankfully, it's much better this afternoon!

  3. Tell Robert his ole pal Skip will be back soon to NWS...........