Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Another first!

So Abigail had her first sleepover with a friend last week. We made chocolate chip cookies, they painted their nails and we read some books before what I thought was bedtime.  I was clearly wrong, these girls had other plans.  Finally after MIDNIGHT they went to sleep.  Abigail slept in Jack's sleeping bag on the floor in the living room and Clara slept on the couch!  It's really nothing like a house with giggling girls!  This is what I found on Friday morning!

They decided they wanted to play some more so Friday we went to the Y, ran an errand and then I dropped them off at Clara's house!  Rachel sent me this, they had gotten into some makeup!  Beautiful girls!!
Sunday we went to Water Country!  We packed a lunch and took plenty of water since it was so hot!  What a fun day!
Jack was sound asleep before we could get out of the parking lot!  This little boy loved everything about the water park.  I loved seeing he and Abigail going down the slides together. 
Layla Jayne is here again for a few weeks and we had a fun day at Necie's pool yesterday afternoon! 
I cannot believe it's the middle of July already, the summer is flying!  Slow down time, slow down.

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