Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bed bugs and sunshine!

Remember a year or so ago when all you heard on the Today show and the news was about bedbugs?  Well I never thought much about it and honestly didn't know much about them other than it sounded disgusting!  Well we experienced them first hand on Friday night!  Robert, the children and I went to Nags Head for a short vacation/anniversary getaway!  We stayed in what I thought was this great little dive that's old but clean and larger than a hotel room.  We checked in, Abigail and Jack took a shower (there was no bathtub) and had vacation cereal AKA Lucky Charms before going to bed.  So after putting them to bed Robert and I went outside to talk and listen to the ocean before turning in ourselves.  That's when we discovered these.......
I immediately got on my phone and Googled bed bugs and these little guys fit just the description.  We scooped up the children and luggage and headed out at midnight.  There was a triathlon that weekend so most of the hotels were booked but a few hours later we found a nice one on the ocean and we were all in bed by 2am!  I loved this place mainly because it reminded of a place we stayed on when on vacation as a child.  Robert says nostalgia days are over! :(
Late night Lucky Charms, this was such a treat for them.

Sam and Omies, love this place!  After dinner we walked across the street to Jeanette's Pier, there was a wedding happening on the pier and a lot of surfers in the water.  The waves were huge!
And saw this woman, Elaine happened to be in Nags Head too for her cousins batchlorette party!  Love her.

We were having lunch in the "new section" of Tortugas Lie, one of my favorite restaurants in the outer banks.  Abigail looked up and noticed the JACK license plate, very cool!

We had a great time!  Happy 8 years to us!

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