Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A day to document.

You know as we are raising children there are those days that you really need to write about so that a. you don't forget it and b. so that your cyclone precious children can read about it one day!  Today is one of those days.  I will apologize now for the lengthy post.

Today is Robert's 37th birthday so we went to get him some balloons to have for him when he came home from work this afternoon.  I let Jack hold them in the store as were waiting to pay but I didn't want him to carry them to the car because I knew we would end up losing them.  We got out the door and into the parking lot and he was so upset that he threw himself in the middle of the parking lot kicking and screaming because I wouldn't let him hold them.  I had 5 helium balloons in one hand and my wallet in the other and two very sweet ladies came over to help.  They took the things from me as I picked Jack up from the ground still kicking and screaming!  We made it to the car and all seemed right with the world again!  

Fast forward a few hours and Abigail, Jack and I went to the grocery store!  We did our shopping and made it to the last aisle without incident and Jack decided to throw a bottle maple syrup out of the cart and it busted in the middle of the floor.  Maple syrup was everywhere. I went to the front of the store to tell someone we had a spill and the cashier immediately went to her microphone and said "CLEAN UP ON ISLE 13, CLEAN UP ON ISLE 13", it echoed throughout the store and I felt like the elephant in the room.  Sigh.....  Seriously, I didn't even know they still had those microphones in grocery stores.  I was so embarrassed and then I saw a very sweet woman who I have known most of my life and has raised four children and she reminded me it all goes by way too quickly.  I needed that little reminder at that moment.  Thank you Suzanne. 

We had a fun night out with great friends on Saturday to celebrate Jay and Robert's birthdays!  Love these people and love our friendship with each of them. 

Happy Fall, loved getting out the corduroy's and fleece today.  Little did I know when I took this early today what kind of day this sweet boy would have! ;)  I love you Jack Jack!

We celebrated Robert's birthday at his dad's on Sunday, Elizabeth joined us.  I made his favorite rum cake, it was pretty tasty!  Happy 37th!


  1. Bless your heart! I'm just waiting for those days- the worst mine can do right now is cry! Hah! you're so beautiful and have the most precious little family! Happy 37 Robert!

  2. I can't believe that Robert, aka Dumptruck, is 37. Time really does fly.
    In my usual perverse way, I am totally sympathetic with Jack's activities.